1. How do I go about launching a website for my business?

    It’s easier than most people think. Read about the simple three step process to launching a website for your business.

  2. What is Web Hosting and Domain Registration?

    Web Hosting
    Web hosting is the service any website requires in order to exist. Your website is hosted on a computer in a special secured data warehouse that provides a place for the files of your website to be stored. This computer also has special software that allows your website to have certain features.
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    Domain Registration
    Your domain is your website address (eg. yourcompany.co.za). Your domain connects people from their computers to the computer where your website is hosted. You can have more than one domain name for one website. Your domain name needs to be renewed once each year.
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  3. Is my domain name available?

  4. How much will it cost?

    As each client's website objectives and requirements are unique, we need to determine exactly what it is that you need before we can give you a concise quotation and proposal. You can complete our website quotation form, which helps us assess your needs and offer you the right mix for your website.
  5. What if I want to update my website?

    Here you have two options:
    • Most businesses opt to have a content management system for their website, where they can log in and add, update and remove content as they like.
    • If you would prefer we do the updates for you we will usually quote an hourly rate for content updates, which can be billed to you at the end of the month, or we will quote a once off fee if you need a lot of work done.
  6. What is Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising various elements of your website and web pages to ensure that they can be indexed well by search engines. Eiledon includes these activities during the planning and development of all web projects. Once your website goes live further SEO activities can be done to improve your potential ranking in search engines.
  7. Do I need to have my own logo designed before having my website done?

    If you don't have a logo for your brand yet we can design one for you. We can also offer to design your corporate stationery (letterheads, business cards and more). Once your logo is established we can proceed to create the look and feel of your website.
  8. Can you assist in creating the content for my website?

    You will need to provide us with the basic content for the website. From there we can refine and enhance the content to make it more effective in terms of search engine optimisation and driving conversions through call-to-action.
  9. I don't really need a website, my business is too small.

    It's entirely your choice, but if you plan to grow your business you will ultimately need a website as much as you need a telephone number. Read up on some of the benefits of having a website and decide from there.
  10. I already have a website, but it's not doing anything for my business.

    There could be a number of reasons why your current website is not giving you the returns you'd like to experience. This could range from a poor design, technical issues, lack of traffic to your website, poor content or lack of call-to-action elements to name just a few. Give us a shout with your current website address and we'll provide recommendations on how we can either enhance or revamp your website.

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