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Great Ways to Make Your Thank You Page More Effective

17 Jul 2014 • Managing Your Website • Comments
You did it! You successfully won over your visitor and they completed your enquiry form or made a purchase on your beautiful website. You just... read more »

Is your website mobile friendly?

19 May 2014 • Planning A Website • Comments
Don't have a smartphone or tablet on hand to see what your website looks like on mobile devices? Use our online mobile emulator to get... read more »

Inforgraphic - E-commerce in Africa

8 May 2014 • The South African Internet • Comments
Take a look at this interesting infographic we found on, exploring the state of online shopping in Africa and what makes online shoppers tick... read more »

How to see what your website looks like in Google

5 May 2014 • Managing Your Website • Comments
Here is a quick tip to help you see a) whether your site is in fact indexed in Google and b) what do your potential... read more »

What does "Bounce Rate" mean?

24 Jun 2013 • Managing Your Website • Comments
What is Bounce Rate? The bounce rate (sometimes also called exit rate) is the percentage of people who land on your website and view only... read more »
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