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Social Media: Using Twitter to promote your Website

20 Jan 2010 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media system where individuals and organisation post short updates (“tweets”) on their thoughts or activities, often with links to... read more »

Optimising Your Content with Keywords

30 Nov 2009 • Managing Your Website • Comments
The text used on your web pages is an important factor in your ranking in search engines and in attracting the right traffic to your... read more »

Prepaid Advertising: Google Adwords

11 Jun 2009 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
You've just launched your website and you want to be ranked number one on Google right away for your keyword. Unfortunately search engines don't work... read more »

Using RSS Feeds to promote your website

12 Apr 2009 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
What is an RSS Feed An RSS feed is a file that lists items (eg. news articles) in a standard format. RSS means "Really Simple Syndication"... read more »

Updating Your Website

15 Jan 2008 • Managing Your Website • Comments
When updating your website you essentially have two options: Hire a professional to update your Static website Do it yourself or have a staff member... read more »
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