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Is your website mobile friendly?

19 May 2014 • Planning A Website • Comments
Don't have a smartphone or tablet on hand to see what your website looks like on mobile devices? Use our online mobile emulator to get... read more »

Making Your Homepage Effective

10 Sep 2007 • Planning A Website • Comments
Your Homepage - A Stop Street Your homepage is like a stop street; different types of visitors will want to go to different parts of your... read more »

Choosing a Domain Name (Website Address)

8 Sep 2007 • Planning A Website • Comments
Here are some points to consider when choosing a domain name for a South African business: You can have more than one domain name for... read more »

Content Development

8 Sep 2007 • Planning A Website • Comments
Many businesses want a simple website where they tell people what their business is about, some information on the products they offer and a means... read more »

Domain Registration, Website Hosting & Email Hosting

8 Sep 2007 • Planning A Website • Comments
What is domain registration, email and web hosting? Domain Registration is the process of registering your website address (eg. This is required before you have... read more »
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