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Do's & Don'ts of Online Marketing

23 Feb 2015 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
The internet is an exciting platform to use to market your business. It's extremely easy to gain access to it and you can, in many... read more »

Infographic: The Ideal Length of Everything Online

22 Oct 2014 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
This infographic shows the optimal length of any text you want to use online, including Tweets, posts on Facebook and Google+, domain names, hashtags, newsletter... read more »

How to automatically show your website's news on your Twitter page

16 May 2011 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
Many of our clients website's have news or blog sections, where they post news and updates. This article shows you how to have your news... read more »

Social Media: Using Twitter to promote your Website

20 Jan 2010 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media system where individuals and organisation post short updates (“tweets”) on their thoughts or activities, often with links to... read more »

Prepaid Advertising: Google Adwords

11 Jun 2009 • Promoting Your Website • Comments
You've just launched your website and you want to be ranked number one on Google right away for your keyword. Unfortunately search engines don't work... read more »
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