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Inforgraphic - E-commerce in Africa

8 May 2014 • The South African Internet • Comments
Take a look at this interesting infographic we found on, exploring the state of online shopping in Africa and what makes online shoppers tick... read more »

PayPal finally in South Africa?

8 Feb 2010 • The South African Internet • Comments
PayPal is the world’s biggest e-commerce enable, used by millions of businesses and individuals worldwide to send and receive funds easily via the web. Due... read more »

Popular Websites among South Africans

15 Jan 2008 • The South African Internet • Comments
So how do you as a South African business targeting South Africans determine where your market is when online? Which websites should you be advertising... read more »

Payment Gateways in South Africa

8 Sep 2007 • The South African Internet • Comments
A payment gateway service (or payment processing service) is required before you can accept credit card payments via your website. The payment processor is responsible... read more »

South African Directories & Search Engines

8 Sep 2007 • The South African Internet • Comments
In South Africa we have the following major directories and search engines.AnanziAnanzi is South Africa's oldest search engine and is also a directory.Search24.comThe Media 24... read more »
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