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Posted 8 September 2007 under The South African Internet
In South Africa we have the following major directories and search engines.
Ananzi is South Africa's oldest search engine and is also a directory.
The Media 24 network (consisting of,, and more) recently launched a South African search engine very similar to Google.
Gum Tree is a popular classifieds website.
The Yellow Pages website is a paid directory which became popular mostly because of its well established brand. The site also features a useful, sophisticated map & directions tool.
Funnel is a South Africa search engine, producing results that are from South African sites only. is a website directory and uses Google as a customized search engine.
Aardvark is a well established South African search engine and directory.

Some Niche Directories:
BizCommunity is a niche search engine and directory focusing on businesses in the Marketing sector.
Sa Kids is a popular directory for South African parents in search of products and services for themselves and the kids.
This is a directory for South African businesses in the building & decor sector.
A free website directory for and by South Africans. Simply Links also allows you to submit articles and press releases.
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