The Process of Setting Up A Website

Posted 8 September 2007 under Planning A Website
  1. Tell Us What You Need From The Web
    You need to tell us about your business and what you want to achieve from a website. We can work with you to determine what sections your website needs (eg. homepage, product catalogue, services, photo gallery, news section, etc), domain & hosting requirements, etc. Communicating your ideas, wants and needs to us can be done by email, telephonically and face-to-face (currently Cape Town only).

  2. Proposal
    Once we have an idea of what you want, we put it on paper. The proposal outlines what we will do in terms of website design, logo design, web development, web hosting, domain registration and everything in between.

  3. Domain Registration & Hosting
    On accepting the proposal, if you do not already have a website address and web hosting this will be set up.

  4. Creation of Artwork
    Depending on the nature of the artwork required (ie. website layout, logo and / or animated media), we work with you to establish a website design brief.

  5. Website Development
    Here the artwork (web design) evolves into a working website. Features and functionalities of the website are dealt with here. While your site is being developed you will be provided with a link to view the progress of your site's development.

  6. Website Content
    If you've had a static website done we will administer the content for you during development.
    If you've had a dynamic website done, we like to use this part of the process to get you accoustomed to using your backend (content management system) for updating content privately. In terms of creating content, we can assist in either giving you ideas or even source a copywriter for you.

  7. Testing
    Once everything is in it's place we walk you through what has been done on the site and determine whether any adjusments are needed. Some companies also like to get feedback from their peers in this stage fo the process. This process is repeated until you are happy to go live.

  8. Going Live
    This is the fun part. 'Going live' means making your website live and accessible to your intended audience.
    If your website is a new one (as a pose to one that is being re-launched) it may take a few weeks before you start getting traffic from search engines. We can also assist in sourcing advertising opportunities and the use of other launch tactics.

  9. Enhancements and Refinements
    Like a person, a website strives to improve and achieve new heights. Once your website has had enough time to gather statistics we can gain insights into what's working well, what isn't and where improvements can be made.

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