Defining a Niche Market With The Internet

Posted 6 January 2007 under General

The Internet comprises of a whole lot of little niches that cater to the tastes and desires of everyone like you and me. Internet marketing is different from traditional media because it aims at converting members of any niche into potential customers. It uses search engine optimized websites and ezine advertising to make sure that you get the maximum out of each dollar you spend on advertising. That is why it is most important to define your niche market before you select the right marketing strategy to advertise your product or service.

For instance, if you want to sell a new method of making coffee, which will help the customers get more caffeine out of every bean, you need to decide who your customers would be. You cannot presume that all coffee drinkers will form your niche market. You must know the socio-economic level at which your potential customers unite. Of course, those who will be interested in getting more caffeine from their coffee will belong to lower or middle income groups because they value every penny and they need more energy. Unless you consider these vital issues you would be wasting money if you buy ad space in ezines dedicated to gourmet coffees. Thus, it pays to know the socioeconomic relationship between potential customers and what motivates them. It is easy to sell your product when you know how your customers think.

Remember that there are scores of competing websites on the net targeting coffee drinkers. You have already identified your customers based on their habits and socioeconomic status. Now you have to figure out what kind of marketing strategy will appeal to them. Should you use a lot of pictures and graphics and use catchy phrases and slogans or will your potential customers prefer a more conservative, information oriented approach? Whatever you choose, your main aim is to draw in customers to your website and motivate them to explore further.

Finally, why should any customer believe that you are selling something that is unique? Is your coffee actually better than the rest or is it just another brand among a sea of brands? If so, you have a true competitive advantage over your competition and should use that as a focal point of your Internet marketing campaign. If not, you better have some neat bells and whistles and be prepared to yell louder than your colleagues.

Online marketing today is the most efficient way of targeting niche markets and drawing potential customers to your website. However, to identify your niche market, you need to explore the socioeconomic backgrounds of your potential clientele, know what kind of marketing gimmicks appeal to them and once you have their attention, convince them about the superiority of your product or service. With this three points covered in your strategy, you will not only increase your customer base but your profits as well.

Desmond Mantor is the Marketing Manager of Have Traffic which offers highly qualified traffic for commercial websites.

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