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Posted 20 January 2010 under Promoting Your Website

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media system where individuals and organisation post short updates (“tweets”) on their thoughts or activities, often with links to related web pages for further information. This is called “micro-blogging”. Being active online is important for your business and your website. Twitter is one of the great tools to help you.

Why are businesses using Twitter?

  • Being on Twitter can help you build a presence in your customers’ daily online activities.
  • Twitter is a useful tool for keeping in touch with your customers, helping you retain them and build more personal relationships.
  • Like discussion forums, Twitter is a great source for research and for gaining insight. Businesses can learn more about what their customers are looking for, their feelings towards things and what their interests are.
  • Following people / brands in your industry / related industry can help you stay informed on what’s happening in your business environment.
  • Twitter offers two-way communication, enabling you to get feedback from your customers relatively quickly.
  • Businesses also use Twitter to find new contacts for their products and services, thus building their network.
  • Using Twitter as a share tool on your website can encourage your visitors to promote your content for you – the reader / visitor clicks on the twitter icon and posts a link to your web page on their Twitter page.
  • Twitter can give you extra exposure in search engines.

What would I post on Twitter for my business?

  • Thoughts, tips or ideas that your customers (“followers”) will find interesting.
  • Invite your customers to view new content you may have added to your website.
  • For exclusive special offers and announcing new products or services.
  • Special announcements or important reminders.
  • Information on events you might be planning.

Twitter Tips

  • Don’t get too personal- not everyone needs to know when you’re watching TV.
  • Don’t bombard your followers with updates (“tweets”) that most will not find interesting. They may feel like you’re simply spamming. Your tweets should be interesting.
  • Use keywords in your tweets - this can help you attract the right audience from twitters search engine.
  • Find people in your industry or related industries and “follow” them.
  • Link to your Twitter page from your website. An effective way, without displaying it throughout your website, is to include the link on your “Thank You” pages, which displays after a visitor has placed an order or submitted an enquiry. This gives your customers somewhere to go next.
So give it a try. Visit, sign up and post your first tweet.
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