5 Useful Tools for Website Owners

Posted 31 January 2010 under Managing Your Website
As the busy owner of your new website you could do with a few quick tools to help you work more efficiently. Here are a few light-weight programs you can download that are free and easy to use. Many of these can be used to prepare your content before uploading via your website's content management system.
A free program that scales down your images and photos, making them smaller in file size and easier to send by email. If you use a content management system for your website it can also make uploading your photos a lot quicker. If your photos are 3MB each, for example, resizing them so that they come to less than 300kb will save you a lot of time waiting for the files to upload.
PDF Creator works as a printer on your computer, letting you save anything you can print (e.g. Word documents and web pages) as non-editable PDF documents. Particularly with application forms or invoices, it's important that your customers are not able to edit the document. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used file format and also makes you look more professional.
You should always consider the size of your attachments and files before sending that email or making that annual report available on your website. Compressing your attachments (into a zip file for example) can often help. 7 Zip is a free file compression utility that can compress your files into Zip format, making them easier to send or upload.
A free alternative to Microsoft Office, which is compatible with most MS Office files (spread sheets, presentations, documents, etc).
If you don’t know already, Skype is a free communication utility used for making calls over the internet. If you have a lot of clients or contacts overseas using Skype can help you cut costs dramatically. If your contact has Skype on their computer talking is free. It is also used for instant messaging and video conferencing.
Please note that Eiledon is not affiliated with any of these utilities. Always scan your downloads for viruses using an antivirus program (such as AVG) before installing it and use it.
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