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Posted 8 May 2014 under The South African Internet

Take a look at this interesting infographic we found on, exploring the state of online shopping in Africa and what makes online shoppers tick (and click!).

600 consumers in African countries (South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya) were surveyed by emerging markets research firm, Jana. We've expanded on the results with notes so that you know what to consider when targeting these top emerging African markets.

E-commerce in Africa 2013 (South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya)
Africa's favourite online stores
  • South Africa is the only country with a dedicated clothing store in their top 5. It also has the most local websites compared to Kenya and Nigeria.
  • Second hand goods, fashion and books are popular in all three countries.
  • eBay is popular in all three countries.

How often people in Africa shop online

  • Nigeria has the most people who have yet to purchase online.
  • South Africans are the most active online shoppers.

Main advantages for buying online in Africa

  • All three counties find shopping online more convenient than shopping offline.
  • Online shopping in Kenya does not offer the same cost advantage as it does in Nigeria and South Africa.
  • Online shoppers in Kenya shop online for a wider variety of goods.
  • South Africans find online shopping easy.

Obstacles facing e-commerce in Africa

  • South Africans don't like waiting long for their goods to arrive.
  • Lack of options is the least obstacle for all three countries.
  • Proper access to the internet is still in issue in Africa. Kenya seems to have the better infrastructure.
  • Nigerians and Kenyans aren't confident that online shopping is safe.

Online shoppers' preferred online payment methods

  • All three countries prefer to pay by cash (eg. an EFT transaction) rather than credit card; South Africa in particular.
  • Nigerian and Kenyan shoppers are more accustomed to paying for services with their mobile airtime than South Africans are.
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