101 Quick & Easy Ideas for Amazing Blog Content

Posted 7 January 2015 under Managing Your Website

Having fresh content on your website is an important indicator to Google that you are an active business. Apart from that, your customers and prospects will value quality content that you have to offer them.

As a busy entrepreneur it can be difficult to find the time to come up with ideas for new content to publish on your website.

With that in mind, here are 101 topics and ideas our team has come up with to help you create amazing new content for your website, blog, newsletter and / or social media channels regularly.

  1. List quotes that apply to your business/industry.
  2. Share a highlight or milestone your company has reached.
  3. Do a survey and blog about the responses.
  4. Explain your industry’s jargon.
  5. Post photos from your company party / team building or work behind the scenes.
  6. Why you’re different (and better) than your competition.
  7. Create a Quiz (e.g. take a look at this one)
  8. Search Google News for relevant press releases and news about your industry. Write your own take.
  9. Find a question on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers that you can answer and respond on your blog.
  10. Interview top influencers in your industry.
  11. A video tutorial showing how to use one of your products.
  12. The answer to the most common email you get.
  13. How you’re using the new Facebook changes to your advantage
  14. Talk about the “thing” that would be a totally awesome game changer in your industry if invented or put together
  15. Attend industry conferences, events or retreats and blog about them.
  16. Start typing words into the search field on Google.com to see what it recommends. Choose a suggestion that you can write about.
  17. Answer questions left in your comment section and create a blog post around it.
  18. Give 5 reasons to sign up to your email newsletter (you do have one, right?).
  19. Top 10 Tips you would give to someone just staring out in your niche.
  20. Create a list of your favourite X.
  21. Share a client case study.
  22. Debunk a long-standing myth about your industry.
  23. What nobody wants to talk about in your market.
  24. How to create efficient systems in your business
  25. Provide an end of the week link roundup.
  26. Review something that you don’t offer that will help your readers immensely.
  27. Post a question and invite your community to answer it.
  28. Give something away to one of your blog readers.
  29. Explain the benefits of being a customer of your business.
  30. The biggest lessons you have learned about business and life this year.
  31. Introduce a new employee and the exceptional skills they bring to the company.
  32. Create a video introducing your team to your community.
  33. “Help us help you” – Give your customer guidelines on how to approach your company.
  34. Explain to your customers how you, personally, got where you are today.
  35. Have a staff member write a “guest” article on something they are knowledgeable on.
  36. Share your latest research or whitepapers specific to your field.
  37. Discuss a problem in your industry.
  38. Tell readers about upcoming events that would be useful or interesting to them.
  39. Comment on the latest news in your sector.
  40. Interview your CEO or another leader or colleague in your industry about a hot topic.
  41. Post photos and write short captions under them.
  42. Develop a resource list (like the one you’re reading now). If customers regularly ask you for information on a specific topic, give them a list of online resources.
  43. If you’re active on Twitter (which you should be), you can share your weekly “top tweets.” That way, readers who don’t use Twitter can keep up with your latest news, and readers who tweet will want to follow you.
  44. Link to a post on another blog and tell your readers why they should check it out (related to your industry).
  45. The biggest misconception people make about your company.
  46. What your customers need to know about making good purchasing decisions.
  47. Tell the story behind the founding of your company.
  48. Explain how your company got its name.
  49. Tell the story behind your new product or service.
  50. A hard truth your customers need to hear.
  51. The first 3 things someone needs to become an expert in your field.
  52. Describe a day in the life of your company.
  53. Allow a “behind the scenes” glimpse you can give of your company.
  54. Run a survey or poll to find out the statistics about your customer base.
  55. Describe where you think your company is headed.
  56. Explain your hiring process.
  57. Explain how you could add to someone else’s article (field related) and fill in what you think they’ve missed.
  58. Describe what makes your company so unique.
  59. Capture one of your daily processes at work.
  60. Discuss the key pieces of news/advice/tutorials/opinions from the last week in your industry (mainstream media and new media).
  61. Write an open letter to....
  62. Write about legislation changes that might impact your industry
  63. Discuss the biggest news in your industry - and what it means for your customer.
  64. Recommend material for your customers to read or watch.
  65. Provide a checklist relevant to something your customers might do.
  66. Create a printable/template to help customers achieve something.
  67. Discuss the latest trends that are emerging in your industry.
  68. Discuss the best suggestion you've had from a customer and how it helped you.
  69. Describe one of the most innovative uses you've seen for one of your products.
  70. Compare and contrast two of your products (or yours and something else useful).
  71. Compare and contrast two business strategies.
  72. Explain the history of your company and how you’ve grown.
  73. Project forward about where your company will be in the next 5 years.
  74. Sum up the year that was.
  75. Provide a wrap up of must read/follow blogs and/or social media accounts in your industry.
  76. What mistakes have you made and what did you learn?
  77. Create a decision guide: This can be text-only, an image, or an interactive tool.
  78. Ask your readers to submit a story of their experience with your product or service.
  79. Look through your analytics to see your top three pages then write a follow up post for each one.
  80. Ask your readers, subscribers and social media followers to submit videos, ideas, or images: Choose the best ones and create blog content around them.
  81. Write a blog post about a popular movie, relating it to your specific audience or industry.
  82. Write about a hypothetical situation, and ask your visitors what they do in the same situation.
  83. Write a blog post but don’t finish it: Ask your readers to finish it for you in the comments or via an email submission (contest, anyone?).
  84. Ask your customers what they would like to see in next year’s catalogue.
  85. How to get the most from our customer service department.
  86. Describe what goes into our decision process.
  87. We support these causes, and here’s why.
  88. How we handle your disputes or complaints.
  89. Sometimes, we have to say no.
  90. Birthday announcements for August. (Imagine listing your customers’ names on a birthday calendar?)
  91. Five promises we’ve kept over the last few years and how difficult it proved at times.
  92. What it’s like to work for our company.
  93. Giving back to the community: our plan.
  94. Disagree with a popular opinion. Get traffic by stirring up controversy and taking a contrary position.
  95. Describe what you think the product you offer will be like in 100 years.
  96. Take an online quiz and blog about your results.
  97. The worst advice you've ever heard/been given.
  98. Describe something that’s hard or impossible to know about a job, project, or customer until you start.
  99. Tell your customers what words of advice you would give your #2 if you were to retire today.
  100. Discuss how your type of business might differ in other countries.
  101. Describe your ideal customer.

We hope you've found this list useful and look forward to seeing the great new content you create! Would you like to add to this list? Comment below with your own ideas.

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