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Eiledon Solutions provides a full mix of services you will need in order to achieve a great online presence for your business.

How does it all work? Below is a process flow from start to launch. Click on the services in the left panel for in-depth information on the services we offer.

The process

Planning your online presence

Failing to plan is planning to fail. During the planning phase we determine what goals your online marketing strategy needs to achieve, and we choose the right mix of tactics that are appropriate to your brand and within your budget. Start the planning phase yourself by clicking here.

Give yourself a name

The first step is securing your domain names for your website and setting up your email addresses. You should also reserve your profile names on social media networks if you plan to use them for your brand.

The Design Phase - Form

Having established what your brand is about, or 'who' your brand is, a look and feel for your marketing material including your logo, website and other marketing material is designed.

The Coding Phase - Function

With the look and feel of your brand in place it's time to breath life into it by coding your website and making it functional. This includes setting up your content magement system, which will allow you to add, update and remove content as you like. Read about our web development services for more information.

Launch and promote your website

Once all testing has been done and your site has been prepared for search engines it's time to go live. At this point we can start promoting your website through search engine marketing, which can include organic search engine optimation, or pay per click advertising and social media campaigns in order to get your name out there.

Let's get started.

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