The design of your website plays a vital role in communicating what you do, who you are and how you want to be perceived. The difference between a good design and a great design is results.

What will a great website design do for your business?

  • Communicate your brand's personality the way you want it to be seen.
  • Tell the website visitor exactly what you do, ideally within 5 seconds of viewing it.
  • Drive the visitor to performing an action, such as buying a product or requesting a quote.
  • Makes your brand easy to remember and helps you stand out from your competitors.
  • Give your customer an enjoyable and even an entertaining experience with your brand.

At Eiledon our web designers are passionate about combining form and function to deliver great web designs. Take a look at our web design portfolio.

Need to have your website redesigned?

If you currently have a website and you're not sure your website's design performs these five basic functions get in touch with us and we'll make recommendations on revamping your website.

The Web Design Process:

  1. Logo Design (when needed)

    If you do not yet have a logo for your brand we'll work with you to create one. Read more about our logo design service.
  2. Web Design Brief

    The web design brief is where guidelines are provided in order for us to create the look and feel of your website. Included in the brief we will need your logo, any photographs we can use, references to websites you like in terms of the design or that you plan to compete with and if you have any preferences in terms of colours, fonts and the overall style please mention them. Alternatively you can give us 'free reign' to use our creative magic and surprise you.
  3. Producing The Design

    The web design layout is created according to the brief and a series of options is provided. Once a design has been chosen adjustments and tweaks are made as needed.
  4. Implementation

    The artwork moves from the web designer's desk to our web developers for integration. This is where the design becomes a functional website before being uploaded to the web. A mobile website design, which functions well on all devices, can also be derived during this phase if you opt for it.

Ready to have us start on your web design? Request website design quotation.

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