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A content management system is a web based system where you can log in and add, update and remove content from your website yourself at any time from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet.

While the frame and layout of your website typically stays the same way as it was designed, you are able to edit the text and the content within it.

A content management system give you puts you in control of your website, enabling you or a designated staff member to make changes without having to call your web developer. However, if you would prefer we updated your content for you, you are more than welcome to give us a call.

How does it work?

A Content Management System works by interacting with a database on your web server. When you update the content through your back-end, your website as your visitors see it pulls the information from your database and the information is displayed.

What is a Content Management System used for?

Here are a few features of a website that a content management system enables the website owner to manage:

  • Updating the content of standard pages
  • Adding, updating and removing Products and Services
  • Managing order enquiries from your online shop
  • Creating and managing image and Photo Galleries
  • Managing your Blog / news section
  • Managing an Events Calendar / workshops diary
  • Uploading files for your visitors to download
  • Managing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area
  • Reviewing customer feedback and enquiries
  • Managing a catalogue of items (eg. a product catalogue or business directory)
  • Managing user access for private member-only areas of your website

These are just a few of the tasks a content management system can be used for. Depending on your needs and objectives, a custom solution is provided to you.

Is a Content Management System Easy to Use?

A CMS is easy to use. If you've ever typed a word document or submitted information online using a contact form, for example, you will have no problem using a content management system.

Our objective is to build you a system that is as point-and-click as possible, while being able to customize and manage all the content of your website as you like privately. You do not need to be internet or computer savvy.

Most clients find the content management systems we provide very straight-forward, nevertheless we provide you with a personal instruction manual to guide you and your staff through the use of your system to make to most of your website. We can also provide you with a training session and support via email and telephone.

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