Once your website is 'live and clicking' it's time to get your name out there. Your website is not automatically listed on search engines such as Google. It needs to be submitted.

Search engine optimisation is the practice of optimising your website so that it can be found in search engines, and rank as high as possible.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Organic or natural optimisation helps your website rank high in search engines naturally over time. 'On-site' activities are done on your website to ensure that it can be indexed properly. 'Off-site' activities are done beyond the website on other websites in order to give the website more authority and ways of being found.

We include organic search engine optimisation in all our work. Once your website is complete we perform 'off-site' optimisation activities for a period of 30 days. Thereafter you opt to have us continue on a monthly basis.

Paid Ranking: Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is the alternative to organic optimisation, where you pay to be ranked higher in search engines. Paid optimisation will rank you higher a lot faster than organic optimisation. Each time someone clicks on your website in search engine results pages you pay a fee. Eiledon Solutions offers pay per click campaign management for Google. Over the course of each month your campaign is optimised and tweaked to ensure you are receiving a good click through rate at the lowest cost and ultimately receiving a good return on your investment.

Social Media Optimisation

Many businesses in South Africa are still hesitant to adopt social media as a marketing avenue. Social media not only helps you create and retain relationships with your clients, but also helps your website perform better by increasing traffic and creating 'social triggers' that search engines look for. Eiledon can assist you in setting up your social media profiles (eg. Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, etc), and if you'd like us to manage these for you every month that can be arranged.

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