The mobile internet around the world, and in Africa particularly, has exploded over the past few years allowing a whole new market to interact with the online world.

Mobile users enjoy being able to access information online anywhere at any time from the comfort of their beloved mobile gadget. 

A selection of mobile websites we have designed

Click and drag or swipe left and right.

  • Hartenberg Wine Estate
  • RS Performance Cars
  • Art of Nicklaus
  • Painmaster
  • Lloyd & Hill
  • Zorilla Deals
  • Cherry Melon
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Babys and Beyond
  • 360 Cellular
  • Connectedness
  • Deal Training
  • Euro Kitchens
  • Uncle Morris

A mobile website offers some unique features including:

  • Tap to call
    At the single press of a button the mobile user is prompted to dial your number right then and there.
  • Tap to SMS
    At the press of a button or tap on the screen the user is prompted to send a predefined SMS to a given number. A great feature if you use SMS short codes for your campaigns.
  • Great for Bulk SMS campaigns
    A mobile website also works very well with SMS campaigns and can help increase conversions by tailoring content for the mobile user and creating an easy way to respond.
  • QR Codes
    A Quick Response code is a bar code that stores data such as a website address, telephone number, email address and more. A variety of smart phones have the ability to scan and interpret these QR codes, which can, for example, lead the user to directly to a website without having to type the address.

Things to consider for your mobile website

  • The more media you include on your mobile website, the more data will need to be downloaded. Data on mobile devices is more expensive than data from an ADSL line. The use of media should be optimised and minimised to ensure that the user does not incur high costs by browsing your mobile website.
  • Shorten the text on your mobile web pages as much as possible so that the user does not have to scroll too much on their mobile device.
  • If your website has a lot of different sections consider which sections or pages are most important and which ones can be omitted on the mobile version of your website.
  • If you use forms on your website consider which fields can be omitted. It's not as easy for users to type on a mobile device as it is typing on a traditional keyboard.
  • Get straight to the point. Make sure "action" buttons such as "make an enquiry" or "buy now" are easy to find on your mobile website.

When setting up your content management system features can be made available so that you can choose which pages should appear on the mobile version of your website. Additionally we'll also give you an extra field where you can enter shortened text for your mobile website.

Examples of mobile websites we've designed

Can you make my existing website mobile friendly?

In many cases, yes. Although it is preferred to make a website mobile-friendly from the start of development, you don't necessarily need to have your entire website revamped in order to have it made mobile-friendly.

Contact us to discuss making your website accessible on mobile devices.

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