Start a newsletter or an email marketing campaign to engage with your customers.

Email marketing is a cost effective way to maintain and build relationships with your customers and prospects through email. Email marketing can help you build loyalty and trust, brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.

Newsletters are a popular way of keeping in touch with your customers and reminding them that they have a need you can satisfy. You might send out your newsletter monthly, every few months or seasonally.

Your newsletter, email campaign or 'mailer' is sent to a mailing list, which is your database of subscribers. Subscribers join your database by subscribing via an online form, or by giving you permission (also called 'opting-in') to receive email marketing from you.

One of the features our email marketing product includes is personalization. By addressing each recipient by name they will be more inclined to read and react to your mailer.

Getting started with Email Marketing

  • Decide what content you want to include in your newsletter or mailer.
  • Start building your database of subscribers by including a subscription form on your website. When dealing with customers in person, ask them if they'd like to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Let us design your newsletter or mailer. The design of your newsletter is just as important as the design of your website. For newsletters you might use the same design and layout for each issue, while unique email campaigns (eg. a Christmas greeting or special offer) might each require a unique design.

Reports and Analysis

After sending your newsletter reports can be generated. These reports provide statistics  such as the number of people that opened the email, the number of emails that bounced, the number of clicks the campaign generated and more. This information is can be used to make your next email campaign even better.

Pricing Information

Emails Sent
Price per month
250 R 45
500 R 65
1,000 R 80
2,000 R 110
5,000 R 220
10,000 R 350
20,000 R 550
50,000 R 1100
100,000 R 1950
100,000+ contact us

Prices exclude VAT.
Please note that use of this service is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.

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