As of 4 November 2014, brands are able to register .capetown, .joburg and .durban domain names (ie. or

These new 'dotCity' domains help identify your business as being geographically relevant to the city name.

Reasons to register a .capetown, .joburg and/or .durban domain name

  • Your company operates in the respective city or you plan to possibly expand to the respective city in the future.
  • The preferred .com or version of your domain name is already taken.
  • You want to create unique websites for your Cape Town, Durban and/or JHB branches / regions which would display information relevant to the respective city only.
  • You want to corner a niche/industry in your city (eg.
  • You want to prevent any other entity from claiming wrongful affiliation with your brand.
  • You want to prevent any other entity from 'squatting' on the domain with the intention of re-selling it to you at a high fee.
  • You would regret someone else having registered the name instead.

Reasons to not register a .capetown, .joburg and/or .durban domain name

  • Your company does not offer its services or products in the respective city and does not plan to in the future.
  • If someone else were to register the respective city domain name you would feel indifferent.

The cost to register a .capetown, .joburg and/or .durban domain is R 299.00 (incl. VAT) per annum.

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